Please note that this will be my last blog entry for the year, but I have a full calendar in January!

So this is about what yule means to me. This is an excellent time to mention that although Wiccan practices feature heavily in my path, it is not my path. I have always identified as an eclectic pagan because I don’t believe in following any single practice and although Wicca is the largest practice within the umbrella of pagan beliefs, it does not define paganism. I’ve always felt that religion should be 100% customizable and that there is no such thing as a ‘one-size fits all’ sort of path. I also consider myself an omniest, which means I find various truths in all religious beliefs which is why I will continue to identify as eclectic.

The biggest thing about Yule is that, at least to me, it is a celebration of the darkness. This should not be seen as a negative thing. My Aztec ancestors believed in balance, and they felt that darkness and light are equal and one needs the other. For that reason, darkness is just as relevant as light.

Yule is the celebration of the winter solstice which in the Northern Hemisphere is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. This is why darkness should be honored. Since mabon, we have been slowly marching towards this day as the days got shorter and now they are the shortest they will be.

But yule is also a season of hope, perseverance, and promise because from this day forward, the days will become longer and light and warmth will soon return to the northern hemisphere. Many world religions celebrate holidays that center around tradition, home, and hearth and this is accurate because yule is a time to seek comfort from family and friends and band together because we should not have to face the darkness alone.

The symbol of Yule has always been the evergreen tree. Pine, spruce, fir. This is because while most deciduous trees have lost their leaves, evergreens continue to stay green even in the coldest, darkest of winters. They are a symbol of endurance in the face of adversity.

So that is what yule means to me. Although the hectic season of the holidays keeps us all busy, it’s a good idea to take a moment and reflect on the darkness. Spend some time in solitude and embrace the darkness all around you.


Written by My Little Corner of Everything

I am a writer and a graphic designer who has a lot to say about life! I am a woman in her 30's who lives in California with her husband. Most of all, I am an explorer. I express myself through the written word and the visual world. I have Aspergers but I don't see it as a 'disability' but rather, an identity. It is who I am.

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