A solution for allergy sufferers

It’s hard to appreciate the beauty of nature when nature is the cause of your misery. Pollen, grass, and sometimes even the scent of pretty flowers can cause sneezing, hives, runny noses, and sometimes, worse.

That may be the perfect reason to seek out paper flowers for your wedding, special event, or even just to brighten up your office at work. Paper flowers, made from all sorts of paper materials, including coffee filters and book pages, can fill the need for nature without the allergies.

These delicately elaborate centerpieces can be the cornerstone of any special event or could make the perfect housewarming gift. They will never wilt, require no watering, and best of all, contain no pollen or allergens.


Written by My Little Corner of Everything

I am a writer and a graphic designer who has a lot to say about life! I am a woman in her 30's who lives in California with her husband. Most of all, I am an explorer. I express myself through the written word and the visual world. I have Aspergers but I don't see it as a 'disability' but rather, an identity. It is who I am.

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