Wedding Anniversary

Today is mine and Scott’s wedding anniversary. We’ve been married for nine years. People often get confused when we explain that we actually celebrate two anniversaries throughout the year.

Well as a couple, we have been together for a lot longer than we have been married for and we’ve always felt that getting a marriage license should never erase the years that came before. We were together as a couple for a little over six years before we decided to get married, and in many ways, those six years were the most challenging of our relationship. I think it’s a testament to those early struggles that we honor both dates.

Our first date anniversary falls on February 26th every year and our wedding anniversary is on June 19th. We tend to put more stock into our first date anniversary because it means more in our relationship. Not only are there many more years behind it, but by the time we got married, we were already living together, had already managed to work passed a lot of our earlier struggles, and had settled into the kind of stability we enjoy today. And because we were already committed to one another, a piece of paper awarded to us by the state wasn’t as important to us.

But, we do still acknowledge our wedding anniversary. It may not have as many years behind it, but as I said before, it’s an essential acknowledgment to the years of stability that we have enjoyed since then. We’d graduated passed our turbulent youthful years and settled into the comfortable relationship we honor today. And, of course, our wedding itself was a lot of fun, and it’s something we’d like to remember.

So, you may be wondering what we are doing for our anniversary, whether we were going all out, heading off to some fancy dinner, if I should be expecting some elegant piece of jewelry, or anything like that, and the answer is… probably not much. We may go out this weekend; we may enjoy a nice meal at home. But we don’t plan to make a big deal about it. Because neither of us needs our day to be centered around materialism or commercialism. Just being together, spending time in one another’s company is more than enough for both of us.

As I said a few blogs ago, neither of us needs to be showered in gifts or luxury to prove our love for one another.


Written by My Little Corner of Everything

I am a writer and a graphic designer who has a lot to say about life! I am a woman in her 30's who lives in California with her husband. Most of all, I am an explorer. I express myself through the written word and the visual world. I have Aspergers but I don't see it as a 'disability' but rather, an identity. It is who I am.

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