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Writing governs my life. I’ve always known that I was born to be a writer because it’s all-consuming to me. It’s in my blood, its what I think about first thing in the morning and it’s my last thoughts before bed. Whether it’s plotting for my novels, thinking of my next blog entry or writing fan fiction, it’s everything that I am. Ever since I was old enough to read, I’ve also been writing. It is my passion.

But there is another half of my passion that I don’t think gets enough credit, but I have spent just as much time and devotion on: art. I love to draw, though I don’t think I am all that great at drawing. I’ve have taken various art and painting classes all of my life, and it’s been just as significant in my life as writing has, I had just never taken it as seriously because I tend to doubt my skills far more than I do with writing. I know I am a good writer, but I tend to have a lot of self-doubts when it comes to my art.

Despite my doubts, I have begun to take it seriously lately, and I have been taking classes in graphic design. They weren’t my first; when I lived in San Francisco, I briefly attended the Art Institute for about two semesters before I realized my financial aid was going to run out before I could complete the program and at that time, our financial situation in San Francisco was becoming a problem.

Even after that failed attempt, my interest in art and graphic design continued, and I have built up my skills on Photoshop. Even as many years as I have used Photoshop, I’d say I am still a beginner. That is a complex program, and I am always learning something new, and I have only recently begun to learn Illustrator and InDesign. 

Even with the limited schooling I’ve had, I would consider myself self-taught and still very much in training. I’ve taught myself color theory, typography, and page layout structures, and these are things I am still learning. But I’ve always felt like the best artists and writers are those who keep at it, keep practicing, fail frequently, but keep going. 

Throughout the year, I’ve been working hard at building up a portfolio. Some of my projects include astrology posters, custom made tarot decks, calendars, computer desktop wallpaper, things like that. Some of my projects do include fanart inspired by my favorite shows so I can’t exactly include that in my portfolio, but it’s still essential practice. 

I do intend to make a business out of my graphic design and offer my services to businesses. I’ve designed business cards for myself so far that has turned out pretty good. At the moment, I am using family and friends as guinea pigs because what good is it to have a big family if you can’t exploit them? But any project I can pick up I’ll do. 

The reason I am explaining this is that aside from fulfilling one of the categories of this blog, it also explains the future of this blog and where it’s heading. Sometime in the future, I will be moving it to a website which will be my platform for launching my writing and design career. It will be a one-stop shop for everything I do. I own this domain so the address will remain the same, but I intend to have it link back to the main website which will house everything I do. I just have to learn the ins and outs of website design first. I want to keep being affiliated with WordPress, but it’s complicated, and I don’t know how to code. I have Adobe Dreamweaver, but I need to learn that too. 

Us aspies love to learn, so I am up for the challenge of learning, but it will be a long time before I feel confident enough in my web designing skills to be able to construct something. Until then, I’ll continue to pick up art projects so I can continue my knowledge. Eventually, I will add a term of service page for anyone who might need a marketing project of some sort done for them, and for fulfilling commission requests. 

My specialty tends to be Adobe Photoshop. But I aim to be a jack of all trades as far as design and art go. I can do portraits and landscapes, but they are very dependant on me being able to have a model or picture to stare at. My fan art is Supernatural, or Star Trek inspired, and it’s only for the sake of practice.

In this Graphic Design category, I’ll share some of my projects, finished or in progress, and update you on their progress. The projects will include both fanart AND portfolio projects. 

My current projects right now include my landscape sketches, my portraits, and my illustrator vector images. The landscape drawing is freestyle, no model was used, and it’s done in colored pencil. 

My portrait sketch is inspired by the character Hannah from Supernatural, I finished it back in February, and it’s a good indication of where my skills are at this point. If I were to critique myself, I’d say my strong points tend to be eyes and my weak points tend to be noses and mouths. My shading techniques are an area I tend to focus the most on. 


The third image in this gallery is my experimenting with the elusive and tricky gradient tool on Adobe Illustrator. I am having a challenging time getting the grasp of it, but this Saturn image came out pretty well. This Saturn is a component of the Astrology posters I am working on, and this gradient is the main reason this particular project has taken so long. Cracking the code to this specific tool has been a long time coming, but I think I am finally beginning to get the hang of it.

So those are three of my projects for now. I’ll post projects here from time to time and explain my methods and techniques for those who are interested in learning. 


Written by My Little Corner of Everything

I am a writer and a graphic designer who has a lot to say about life! I am a woman in her 30's who lives in California with her husband. Most of all, I am an explorer. I express myself through the written word and the visual world. I have Aspergers but I don't see it as a 'disability' but rather, an identity. It is who I am.

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